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Landlord/Homeowner Information

Below you will find helpful information that will help you on your journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact HRPM at (336) 283-9777 for a no obligation consultation. We are here to support you! If you would like a copy of our exclusive property management agreement, we will be glad to send it at your request.

We at Hunter Realty and Property Management, LLC charge a percentage fee of the monthly rent. Once Tenants' checks clear, we send out the landlord proceeds check. We do not charge any additional fees for repairs from our select service providers. If you wish to take care of your own repairs, we ask that you please inform us that you will be doing the repairs. We at HRPM want to make sure you understand you can call or email us at anytime.

HRPM will take care of all leasing forms and additional documentation. Photos will be taken of the home for marketing purposes, photos will also help to show the current properties condition. HRPM requires that all Landlord/Homeowners have the proper insurance in place to cover the dwelling and the firm. We require all tenant's have renters insurance in place to cover their belongings.

HRPM requires you do not take any action or adopt policy that would cause the firm offering the property for rent not to comply with applicable federal and state fair housing laws and regulations, including but not limited to, those laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination on the bases of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status in the leasing of the property. 

Rates are calculated on a % of the rents collected- Not rented, no commission is due.
  Landlord shall be obligated to pay an up front marketing fee.  If the property is being marketed For Sale by any firm as well as being For Rent with HRPM, if the property goes under contract before a lease is in place there will be an additional marketing fee imposed on the homeowner.

Please ask to see our:



If for any reason you are not satisfied with HRPM service. We require 30 days written notice and if a lease is in place on the home, we require a termination fee. If no lease is in place there will be no termination fee.



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